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We no dey support Abortion or Selling of Human Parts! – Catholic Medical Practitioners


Di Association of Catholic Medical Practitioners for Nigeria on Thursday for inside Abuja dey beg government make dem bring out better technology wey fit fight di insecurity for we country.

Di group Public Relations Officer, Dr Emmanuel Pius-Ngatida, na di person wey been tok for dem for dia 16th National Scientific Conference and Annual General Meeting wey dem tag “Strategies for improving Health Worker Status in a Changing World”.

For di meeting, dem been dey against di palava wey di country dey face for security, plus all di attacks wey don been happen for inside places wey people dey worship and even di tiff and kill wey dem do for some Catholic priests.

Di group come advise Catholic healthcare workers make dem always dey ready to helep people wey suffer any attack for church or any other place.

Dem come dey ask make government touch di National Health Act 2014, small so di naija people go fit dey safe from people wey dey tiff human being to sell día body parts.

Dey still tell día members make dem no dey leave dia own health when dem dey helep other people, but instead make dem dey check theirself, dey chop wetin good for their body, do exercise and dey live well, still come register for health insurance.

Di group come talk to dia catholic medical doctors make dem dey work with other people for health for día parish so dem go fit helep people wey no fit helep demself plus children, old people and women.

But dem draw hand for ear tell dem say dem no dey gree for abortion or to dey sell any part of human body or even help to kill people because say dem dey suffer. As di catholic church dey against these things, dem too dey against am.

Plenty people been mark present for di event both from naija and di abroad. People like President, Federation of International Catholic Medical Associations, Prof. Bernard Ars, and people from Liberia.




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