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Togo na first country to comot NTDs


Di World Health Organisation for dia Regional Committee for Africa meeting wey dem do on Monday inside Lomé, don give accolade to Togo as first country to commot kpata kpata four Neglected Tropical Diseases for di whole world.

Reports dey show say between 2011 and 2022, Togo don clear kpata kpata 4 diseases wey be Guinea worm disease (dracunculiasis), elephantiasis (lymphatic filariasis), human African trypanosomiasis (sleeping sickness), and trachoma.

NTDs na group of like 20 disease wey people fit prevent and treat but 1.7 billion people for di world still need help to stop am.

Plenty NTDs dey disfigure, disable and even comot strength come make children no go school and older people no go work.

Associate Consultant for di Uniting to Combat Neglected Tropical Diseases, Kingsley Ochieng, come release statement wey tok say Togo comot dis NTDs in just 11 years.

Togo been get transmission-free status for Guinea worm disease inside 2011. In 2017, di country become di first in sub-Saharan Africa to comot elephantiasis as public health wahala. For 2020, e still be di first country to comot sleeping sickness.

Di statement still come tok say Togo been follow two way method wey be to first make sure say dey cut di transmission come prevent new infections and second to treat and manage di disease, di symptoms e dey bring and dia difficult wahala wey follow am so people no go suffer.

Report wey dey be say 46 countries don comot at least 1 NTD, 600 million people no need treatment for NTDs and cases of diseases wey been make people suffer for years like sleeping sickness and Guinea worm disease Don reduce very well.




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