Home As e de hot Stop late night food! You fit die! – Pathologist

Stop late night food! You fit die! – Pathologist


One Consultant Pathologist wey be Dr. Michael Ajala don tok say make people no dey chop late for night especially after 7pm because e fit cause very serious health palava and e fit even cause death.

Ajala wey be di Chief Executive Officer of Help Diagnostics and Checkup Services for Lagos tok say dem don find out say one of di things wey dey cause sudden death na to dey chop for night especially when you just sleep sharp sharp after di food.

He still tok say even tho traffic dey disturb some people, make dem no dey chop for night because di food fit go back from belle choke di person

He still tok advise say people suppose wait 2 hours after dem don chop before dey sleep and dey no suppose chop heavy food for night.

Ajala also add say late night food fit cause abdominal obesity and dat one sef relate to diabetes, hypertension, and cardiovascular diseases.


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