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Scotland don dey give dia women period products free!


Scotland, nation wey dey United Kingdom, don stamp dia name for history book as the first nation wey no just talk but start to dey take actions wey go end ‘Period Poverty’ as dia lawmakers Don been approve am for 2020.

Dia method na to offer free period products plus tampons to anybody wey dey in need. De products go dey available for public places like community centres, plarmacies, youth clubs and every other place wey people get access.

Period poverty na when girl wey dey see her period no fit afford things like pad or other products to take care of herself because say e too cost and she fit start to dey use things wey she no suppose, things wey no dey hygienic. Reports come show say these women fit start to dey suffer from anxiety and depression.

Even though say na matter wey dey worry every country for the world, na only Scotland don start to walk the talk and Africa sef no too send am.

For Nigeria, reports don show say many women no fit afford these things and dem dey use things wey dem no suppose like rags or tissues and these things fit cause serious wahala for health.

Our Presido, Muhammed Buhari, for 2020 been sign say make them comot VAT (Value-Added-Tax) on top sanitary pad wey dem produce for naija, but still nothing change because pad wey we dey use for naija na outside dem dey carry am come.


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