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Run from Tattoo! E fit cause Cancer – Dermatologist.


Consultant Dermatologist wey dey University of Nigeria Teaching Hospital, Enugu, Dr. Uche Ojinmah, don warn make people no dey draw tattoo for body because some things wey dey inside the ink fit cause Cancer.

Ojinmah wey tok dis one on Sunday for Abuja, tell naija people make dem dey careful for wetin dem dey put for body because e fit cause serious body palava or even cause sickness.

Di skin Doc tok say people suppose know say some ink dey cause cancer especially the one wey get color and e fit react with their skin because our sun dey very hot and ultraviolet rays no dey smile.

He tok say the red or green ink naim Dey very possible to cause cancer unlike the black ink. But he still tok say he no know if tattoos dey cause liver or kidney problems unless say di dye come react with other things for body.

Dr. Ojinmah wey still be National President for the Nigerian Medical Association say body Piercing fit lead to large keloid for some people.

According to wetin him tok, Keloid na when wound heal too much and small injury come happen for there like wen you burst pimple and then di skin go start to dey grow and e no go stop.

He also tok say if equipment wey dem dey use do body piercing and tattoo dey stained or carry infected blood, e go increase risk for transmission of HIV and Hepatitis B and C.




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