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We Don Tire! FCT Doctors Lament, See Why.


Di Association of Residents Doctors and di Nigeria Medical Association, FCT Administration Chapters, don dey worry on how patients and family plus friends of patients dey attack health workers for hospitals wey dey Abuja.

Di Presido of the NARD-FCTA, Dr. Nnamdi Nd-Ezuma, talk him mind on Tuesday for conference wey dem get for Abuja. He talk say e pain am say person just come do anyhow attack a Senior Registrar wey dey the Department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology, Wuse General Hospital. Di person wey come attack the Registrar na friend of the husband of the patient wey dey Labour room and im hit the ward door for the face of the registrar come injure am. Immediately, the person run comot from there but dem don arrest the patient husband.

Nd-Ezuma come talk say if dem no dey careful, properly do something, things like this go continue dey happen and doctors suppose get special cover especially now wey many of them dey japa. Him still talk say this special protections suppose cover all Healthcare workers and put rules wey patients and their people go dey follow.

Another person wey talk as e be for him mind na the new Chairmo wey dem elect for NMA-FCT, Dr. Charles Ugwuanyi.

Dr Charles Ugwuanyi

Ugwuanyi talk say this incident pain am well well because as the doctors dey risk their lives to take care of citizens, dey suppose get proper shield and respect, no be attack, especially now wey the security for the country no stable.


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