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Radiologists for LUTH beg government for Modern Equipment


The Faculty of Radiology, Lagos University Teaching Hospital, Idi-Araba, don beg government make dem bring modern equipment for their work so other radiologists go dey practice for naija.

Ogbonge radiologist, Prof. Gbadebo Awosanya, wey talk him mind for the 2022 Faculty Day Celebration of Faculty of Radiology, talk say na LUTH been start beta radiology studies more than 30 years ago but as dem no get equipment, the studies come dey dull.

The Faculty oga madam, Prof. Rachael Akinola, stand gidigba talk her mind say no be only equipment be there wahala. She say make government train the specialists wey dey already so they go fit understand new ways wey things dey work, come still encourage the new radiologists wey dey try japa make them stay back for we country so the work go dey easier.

*Radiologists na doctors wey día work na to carry out radiological procedures, investigate come also interpret the investigations.


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