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Palm oil and Charcoal no dey neutralise poison – Experts


Experts wey dey health care don tok say make people no dey believe say palm oil and charcoal dey neutralise or cure poison because evidence no dey science say e dey happen.

Di experts tok say dis belief say palm oil and charcoal dey cure poison no dey real and anybody wey take poison suppose get medical attention sharp sharp.

Di experts wey be General Practitioner, Dr. Rotimi Adesanya, and a Registrar Anaesthesia and critical care specialist, Dr. Julian Ojebo been tok with PUNCH Healthwise for interview.

Dr. Adesanya wey dey work for Federal College of Education – Technical, Akoka, Lagos tok say plenty things dey wey person go fit do to manage poison.

He tok say the first thing wey person wey feel like say e get poison gats do na to go hospital so dem go fit know which kain poison e be, come give am di proper medication wey him need. He come add say di treatment go depend on the kain poison and how long the poison Don dey for body.

Di doc still come add say dem dey use activated charcoal for hospital sometimes to treat poison but that activated charcoal na the pure form of charcoal wey no carry yama yama.

Dem dey use am dey suck the fluid wey di person don take but if the charcoal come suck too much water for di body, the person fit get constipation. And if dem no treat am well, e go block belle and bowel movement.

Dr. Julian Ojebo wey dey work for Irrua Specialist Teaching Hospital, Edo State, tok say when person make mistake chop poison, dem suppose carry am go hospital straight with the container of the poison wey di person chop so di doctor go fit treat di patient well.

Dr. Ojebo come warn say make people no dey force person wey chop poison to vomit because e fit make di poison worse and e fit cause more wahala.

He also tok say make di person no take any other thing after e chop poison so treatment go dey easy.


(Punch Healthwise)


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