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Non-stick pans dey very dangerous to health!!! – Chemists


Di main thing dem dey use make house things like ‘Non-stick pans’ wey dem dey call “Forever chemicals” don been dey connected to serious health mata because say e get poison and dey no fit break am down as waste as e too strong.

Chemists wey dey United States and China on Thursday don talk say dem don find way to break am down and dey go use low temperature and some chemicals wey commom dem dey call reagents.

Na inside 1940s dem been first form PFAS, or per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances, but dem don dey very plenty places now like nonstick pans, textiles wey dey resist water and even foam wey no dey gree fire burn.

As time dey go and dem dey use dis chemical, e come dey full everywhere, dey enter soil, air, water like lakes, rivers, even rain water because e dey leak wen dem dey use am for industries.

If person continue to dey exposed to do chemical, e dey linked to health mata like liver damage, high cholesterol, reduced immune responses, low birth weights and plenty kind of cancer.

De chemists dem been print día result for di journal Science, wey dem give solution to dis harmful chemical wey dey cause problem to di environment, people and animals.




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