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New Monkey pox case for Ogun state!


Di Ogun Government don confirm 4 new cases for mokeypox virus and now dem get 7 cases for di state.

Di Madam Commissioner wey dey see for Health, Dr. Tomi Coker tok on Friday say dem get 2 case for inside Ota, wey dey Ado-Odo/Ota Local Government Area, one for Abeokuta North and another one for Abeokuta South.

Dr. Tomi Coker

She come tok say di Disease Surveillance and Notification Officers wey dey di local governments where dem get di case don dey list and trace all di people wey been get contact with di patients and even di patients sef don dey on medication.

Madam Commissioner come advise di people for di state make dem no dey near any fluid or injury wey dey for any person or animal body, whether im dey alive or im done die or even anything wey those things don touch.

She still tok say e dey very impotankpa say people dey wash dia hand very well with soap and water especially after dem don see sick person.

She also beg di state people make dem dey calm because everything dey under control and dem dey do everything make di disease no spread.




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