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Many naija people dey live with diabetes, hypertension – Experts


Experts for medicine don tok say many people for naija dey live with hypertension, diabetes, and other very serious health mata but dem no know because dem no too dey go for checkup and dis go fit cause serious health palava for dem.

Di experts come beg make naija people dey do regular checkup at least 2 times every year even if dem no get sign say dem get health wahala because some people go get very serious health mata wey no dey show signs and dem no go know till e cause terrible damage for dia health wey dem for avoid tey tey.

Di physicians tok say every body wey don pass 30 years suppose dey do checks for blood pressure, urine tests for protein, and blood tests for sugar every 6 months.

Di experts come point out say even tho cure no dey for hypertension, diabetes, and chronic kidney disease, dem fit manage am well well if dem find out early.

Dr. Jide Onyekwelu wey be Secretary-General of the Nigerian Medical Association come tok say if person no go check for hospital, e fit no know say e get all dis health palava especially if dem dey get dis kain disease for dia family.

Di physician come add say e dey very necessary say people take urine test two times a year to check for protein so dey go fit care of their kidney well apart from di blood pressure and sugar tests wey dem dey do.

Onyekwelu still come tok say dem dey call hypertension silent killer because e no get sign wey person go use know say e get am and na only when di person dey do regular checkup dem go know if dem get am, come start to dey manage am early.


(Punch Healthwise)


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