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Lagos State Governor go convert Covid Isolation Centre for people wey get Tuberculosis


Babajide Sanwo-Olu wey be governor for Lagos state don promise say government go change di covid19 isolation centre wey dem get for di Infectious Disease hospital inside Yaba to hospital wey dem go use dey treat Tuberculosis.

Sanwo-Olu tok say him dey ready to fight TB and care for TB patients because him wan reduce di infection for naija as WHO tok say di infection dey kpai 18 people every hour for di country.

Di governor been tok dis one for di event wey Stop TB Partnership Nigeria organise on Thursday wey dem tag ‘Dinner with the Governor of Lagos and Private Sector on Domestic Resource Mobilisation to end TB in Nigeria’.

Sanwo-Olu tok say him government go also put more money to helep fight TB because di infection na number 13 on list of disease wey dey kill well well for di world and naim be number 2 infection wey dey kill after covid19.

WHO tok say Naija na sidon for number 6 inside 30 countries wey tuberculosis dey affect well well for di world and na number 2 for Africa.

Dey also point out say Naija dey inside 14 countries wey TB, TB/HIV, and Multidrug-Resistant TB dey disturb.

Di governor come tok say him no like all the numbers and positions wey naija just dey get for dis infection and him dey beg make private sector join hands with government to fight TB because government alone no go fit do am.

He also add say di biggest wahala now na di MDR -TB wey patients just dey get too and dem fit infect other people join.


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