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Kwara State don start Rotavirus vaccination


Kwara State don dey plan to give 150,000 pikin dem vaccine wey dey against Rotavirus for di 16 local government area for di state.

Di Commissioner for Health, Dr. Raji Razaq been confam dis one for Ilorin on Monday wen dem do carry-go to add Rotavirus Vaccine inside normal immunisation for di state so dem go fit protect pikin dem from diarrhoea wey di virus dey cause.

He still tok say government don swear say dem go make sure to change di health sector for di state and dem don already mend 45 Primary Healthcare Centres.

Dr. Nusirat Elelu wey be di Executive Secretary for di Primary Healthcare Development Agency come tok say di vaccine wey dey fight diseases wey dey kill pikin dem don dey since.

Elelu come add say di Rotavirus vaccine go reduce di diseases wey diarrhoea dey cause pikin dem wey never reach 5 years by 40 percent and e go save lives of at least 110,000 pikin dem for di next 10 years.




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