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Kidney Disease dey affect plenty young people – Nephrologist


One consultant nephrologist for National Hospital, Abuja, Dr. Abdulshahid Sarki don reveal say hypertension, diabetes, and some herbal medicine wey people dey take dey add to cause of Chronic Kidney Disease for naija.

Dr. Sarki wey tok for di launch of di NGO Omotayo Kidney Care Foundation for Abuja inside Saturday, come tok say research dey show say every 1 in 10 person get kidney wahala for di country and na young people wey dey between 25 to 45 years e dey affect more.

Di doc come add say na lack of money plus di fact say many kidney treatment centres no dey and health insurance wey no dey work well be di blockade wey di country get for kidney treatment.

Di Madam wey get di NGO, Miss Omotayo Akinremi, tok say dia plan na to informate and educate people on wetin dey cause CKD and how dem go take care of día kidneys, come still support di people wey don get CKD already.

Akinremi tok say dia focus na to make sure say people no dey get CKD because di numbers no dey nice at all, so dem go use preventive nephrology which mean say dem go make sure say dem prevent di disease.


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