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Free Delivery Kits don dey Ebonyi!


Di United States Agency for International Development (USAID) don dash 10,000 ‘Mama Kits’ wey dem dey use born to Ebonyi Government.

Di oga wey be State Technical Director of the Integrated Health Programme of USAID, Dr. Oladipo Akinmade, carry the kits give di Executive Secretary, Ebonyi State Primary Healthcare Development Agency, Dr. Alo Chimhurumnanya in Abakaliki for inside Thursday.

Akinmade talk say dem go share the kits give 13 local government areas wey dey di state and dem dey dash dis kits make dem use am show women say make dem dey come healthcare facilities to deliver.

Dr. Daniel Umezurike

Di Commissioner wey dey see for Health, Dr. Daniel Umezuruike, come greet di people for the USAID-IHP wey bring the donation and him swear say him go make sure say dem share am well.

Dr. Umezurike also talk say dia women still dey go meet people wey no sabi to help dem born and that one sef dey increase palava and number of women wey dey kpai when dem born, but if dem dey use Healthcare centres, dis kain palava no go dey.

Him come finally beg women wey wan born make dem dey go healthcare facilities make dem collect better treatment for theirself and their pikin.


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