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Cholesterol no dey cooking oil – Nutritionists.


Nutritionists don shoot down di plenty rumour wey people dey throw around say cooking oil get cholesterol because e no be truth.

Di diet experts tok say na only for animals dem dey find cholesterol and even tho some oil wey people dey use cook fit increase level of cholesterol for di body because of how dem dey be after you don chop am, dey no dey on día own carry cholesterol.

American Heart Society been tok say Cholesterol dey come from only two places, Your liver wey dey produce all di cholesterol you need and di other cholesterol wey dey your body dey come from animals.

Di nutritionist come tok say di type of oil wey person dey use fit affect di heart health and if dem wan maintain día heart well, na only avocado, pure groundnut, or extra virgin olive oil dem suppose dey use because na dem be ogbonge for heart health.

Registered dietitian nutritionists, Adeola Adeleye and Yemisi Solanke-Lawal come explain say some oil dey good to deep fry and some dey good for stews or small small shallow cooking because some oil dey rich for unsaturated and polyunsaturated fats wey fit help reduce risk of heart attack or heart disease.

Adeleye come tok say if people no fit afford virgin oil or avocado oil to cook, make dem go for pure groundnut oil for cooking because e dey very heart friendly or dem fit still go for peanut oil because e good well well.

Solanke Lawal come tok her own say groundnut oil na one of di best oil for cooking because e get plenty monounsaturated fat wey dey help protect di heart because e dey maintain good high-density lipoprotein cholesterol come dey reduce bad low-density lipoprotein cholesterol for inside di blood.

The dietician still come add say coconut oil no dey good for cooking because e get high level of saturated fat and even report wey experts for Mayo Clinic publish support dis one as e tok say coconut oil don show say e dey raise cholesterol both di good ọ and di bad.

Di nutritionists come still warn say make people no dey use common oil like refined palm oil because when dey heat dat kain oil to high temperature so dem go fit make am vegetable oil, e dey increase cholesterol, fit cause high blood pressure and even heart palava because e don carry trans fat.


(Punch Healthwise)


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