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Benue pikin dem no too dey grow – Nutritionist. See why!


Reports don show say for Benue, 24 per cent of pikin dem no dey too grow (stunted growth) even tho say Benue na di ‘food basket for di nation’.

Specialist for Nutrition wey dey work with UNICEF, Mrs. Ngozi Onuora, tok dis one for inside Markudi on Thursday for partnership meeting wey UNICEF, development partners and stakeholders for investments inside nutrition do.

She tok say di 24 per cent wey get stunted growth na 292,492 pikin dem wey never reach 5 years under five years and she come explain say e mean say one pikin inside every four pikin for di state no dey grow tall.

Di nutrition specialist also point out say pikin dem for dia get underweight prevalence rate of 13.6 per cent, which mean say malnutrition rate for pikin wey dey under 5 years for di state na 3.8 per cent.

She also tok say investments wey dem dey make for nutrition go bring returns sharp sharp because e go save lives and helep pikin dem and dia mama get beta future.

Madam Executive Secretary, Benue State Primary Health Care Board, Mrs. Grace Wende, tok say di board don dey tok on top good food and better nutrition for pikin dem and women wey get belle.

Another person wey tok na WHO Coordinator for Benue, Dr. Abdulkarim Mohammed and him say nutrition don dey get better attention because diabetes plus obesity don dey become serious health palava around di world.




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