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Alcohol and Tobacco fit cause Cancer! – New Study


Report don show say Alcohol and Tobacco dey cause almost half of all di cancer wey dey di whole world but di way wey person dey live fit reduce the wahala of the disease.

Dis study wey dem do as part of research wey Bill Gates foundation pay for, come write am for inside di Lancet show say 44.4 per cent of death wey cancer dey cause dey associated with something wey dey common and na tobacco be di thing wey dey cause cancer more, out of 34 things wey dem been study as risk factors.

Di study show say tobacco dey cause 33.9 percent of cancer while alcohol wey be di second dey cause 7.4 percent.

More than half of man wey die of cancer and more than one third of woman wey die of cancer been relate to tobacco or alcohol.

Dis study wey dem call Global Burden of Disease Study na very big and detailed study wey thousands of researchers wey come from plenty countries for di world dey do.




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