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Proton Therapy Na Ogbonge Treatment for Cancer – Apollo Hospitals


Apollo Proton Cancer Centre (APCC), na the first and na the only proton therapy centre wey dey for South Asia and the Middle East. Na im be the first JCI ogbonge Cancer hospital for India too. This hospital people don gather travel come 9ja to do dem medical conference inside Abuja on Thursday wey be 28 of July, 2022.
This conference wey dem been come for so, na to teach people everything wey dem suppose know about Proton Beam Therapy wey be the successful focused therapy for cancer. The Apollo Proton Cancer Centre don dey use this therapy treat plenty plenty cancer patients for India.
Proton therapy na radiation therapy wey dey use tiny tiny particles wey dem dey call protons to kill cancer cells fiam. Protons dey deliver im energy well well. Dem no dey spoil anything for body. Naim better pass for take treat very strong tumour for pikin dem. Na Proton therapy be number one for take treat tumour inside brain, head and neck, central nervous system, lung, prostate, and gastrointestinal system.
Dr. Sapna Nangia wey be Senior Consultant Radiation Oncologist wey been specialize for Head, Neck, Breast and Gynaecological Cancers for the APCC, Chennai, come explain am well well, how dem dey carefully treat cases wey get k-leg. She talk say patients wey dem take Proton Therapy treat dey hardly get problem or discomfort during and after treatment. No tube feeding or treatment interruption and patients no require hospital admission too much. She also talk about how the Cancer Management Team wey sabi work well well dey pay special attention to details even before dem start treatment.

Mr Amit Chaturvedi (middle)

Mr. Amit Chaturvedi, wey be the Deputy General Manager International Marketing, Apollo Proton Cancer Centre, Chennai, India, also follow come the program and him talk more on the financial aspect of the treatment. First, him talk of the fact wey be say every year Nigeria dey get 115,950 new cancer cases, about 71,000 female and about 44,000 male. Even out of the 71,000 female, say over 26,000 na breast cancer. Him also talk say every month, their clinic, Apollo dey 100 plus patients in India, but their intention na to set up clinic for we Naija so e go helep Naija people wey go need am. So therefore, them don dey get talk with some public and private health organizations and even National Hospital inside Naija say make them begin clinical programs like Telemedicine.
Mr Chaturvedi come finally talk say the price for the Proton Radiation na 65,000 dollars wey go cover from evaluation to treatment.

Another person wey speak for the program, to give testimony na Mr Mohammed Kabir, son of Ms Safiya who dem treat for Apollo Proton Cancer Centre, Chennai. He talk say na for October 2019 hospital diagnose him mama with colon cancer for Dubai and she do the surgery for the country. After she don do chemotherapy for sometime, she come return 9ja. For a follow-up, them come do research discover Apollo Proton Cancer Centre wey be better option because of the expertise, knowledge, and advanced technology wey dem get. Na there they come go get the best treatment for him mama.


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