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Former NMA Oga Endorses Dr. KJ Okoro for Presido, say na im be the “Engine Room” wey Help Am Succeed.


As di join bodi of medical doctors for obodo Naija dey prepare for election of a new presido and other national officers, plenty big fish don dey throw their weight behind the before before Secretary General, Dr. Kenneth Johnson Okoro mni to become di new Presido. The latest supporter na Dr. Prosper Igboeli wey be former NMA Presido. He wrote personal letter to delegates wey he talk say na Dr. Okoro wey work with am as NMA Secretary General be di engine room wey help their administration achieve plenty better things plus including Consolidated Medical Salary Scale (CONMESS).

Di letter don cause plenty jubilations among supporters of Dr. Okoro wey many doctors dey expect to win based on plenty support and endorsement he dey get.

See as Dr. Igboeli take talk am for im letter.

My revered colleague I bring you greetings and felicitations.I know we all love our great association , Nigerian Medical Association (NMA) and at a time like this, when election beckons, we look forward to electing a President and Officers whose leadership will produce desired results for NMA. I have worked closely with all the current aspirants for the position of NMA President. They are all qualified for the job, but there can only be one person at a time. However, I wish to make a case for, and appeal that you support and vote for Dr K.J. Okoro, a Past Secretary-General of NMA 2008-2010 when I was the President.

He is a man of proven integrity, dedicated to duty and a team player. He is one who believes in fairness and holds humanity with dignity. As the then Secretary General of NMA, I mince no words to say *he was truly the engine room that contributed in no small measures to the successes registered or achieved by the 2008-2010 NMA National Officers Committee. His contributions to the current status which NMA enjoy now are the byproducts of his endeavors.He suffered with me to actualize our agenda and all the transformation in NMA governance that came with my tenure. Foremost are

  1. Successful Relocation of NMA Secretariat from Lagos to the current place at 8 Benghazi Street, Wuse zone 4 Abuja, with subsequent purchase of the twin duplexes, the only tangible asset procured by the Association.
  2. Successful negotiation and release of first CONMESS circular by the Government after several years of agitation by NMA.
  3. Attained much milestones for the body of doctors, NMA and its visibility.
  4. Assiduously worked to harmonize the two factions and two leadership of NARD, that had been on since 2006.
  5. Transparency and accountability were watch words, and leaving behind a healthy account for the successive administration.
  6. I am aware he has many public laurels to his honour in both professional, administrative, association and extra curricular activities.
  7. Of recent, he went through NIPSS (the highest leadership training institute in Nigeria) , Kuru for policy and strategic studies, which as a member of the National Institute, mni, would definitely add to his administrative and leadership prowess.
  8. In the context of sound reasoning, I think and feel strongly that Dr K.J. Okoro is the man, fit for the job at this time. I humbly solicit that you all give him the chance to lead NMA 2022-2024. Please let us align our thoughts and decisions based on objective and Sound reasoning of what will benefit NMA, and lay aside sentiments based on personal friendshipand parochial interests, rather than expected official performance. NMA should not go back into the dark days.Wishing you all great deliberations.Love you all.

Prof Prosper Igboeli

PP NMA (2008-2010)


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