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See How Quacks Dey Use Staphylococcus Scam People


Staphylococcus na bacteria wey we dey see  for our body, even inside d nose of pesin wey dey gallant. And dis bacteria no dey cause wahala for skin of people or around private part of women or gut. But if skin break from injury or di bacteria enter inside blood, e fit cause infection. But no be from sex dem dey carry staph infection. Dis na di talk wey ogbonge Dr Laz Eze and Dr. Gbenga Adebayo bin talk for we TalkingHealthwithDrLaz show inside AIT.

Staphylococcus aureus na gram-positive bacteria wey get positive result inside test wey we dey call gram stain test. 
How person fit know say em get dis infection? Your bodi go dey red, and even go swell up, also body go dey pain d pesin,  him go dey vomit and stomach go dey pain am too. And dis sign fit show for 30 minutes after pesin you don eat or drink anytin wey contain staph poison. Many people don tink say staphylococcus aureus na infection wey pesin dey  get through sex, but the de truth be say dis infection no dey pass through sex, because de  infection dey stay on top pesin wey get am bodi, anoda  pesin fit catch am wen deir bodi touch each oda.

Anoda way wey pesin fit get am, na when you eat food wey get the bacteria  and wen pesin get wound for body de bacteria go pass enter de person body if em touch anything wey get am, and bloodstream which go come cause the infection. So this infection no dey pass through sex. Watch di full tori inside dis video.


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