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Danger! Cholera humbles Covid19; Kills 3,566 Naija People in 11 Months!!

Na dis kind environment dey cause cholera. (Dis photo na from WHO website)

As di whole world dey talk covid19 everyday, na so cholera dey show itself as oga-na-master disease on top di killing of we kontri people. According to di small torchlightment we do for NCDC website, Cholera don kill 3,566 kontri people as st 21st NNovember 2021 while coro don kill 2,977 people as of today. Di last update for Cholera (Week 46) dated 15th to 21st November 2021 show more than 100,000 suspected cholera cases. Di case fatality ratio for cholera na 3.4% compared to covid19 wey be 1.4%. Dis one mean say out of every 1000 people wey get cholera for Naija, 34 don die, while 14 of every 1000 wey don get coro bin don kpai. In other words, di chance of pesin to die from cholera for Naija is two and half times times higher than di chance to die from Covid19. But why na say na Coro we government and media dey talk more about?

Dr. Ifedayo Adetifa – Oga DG for NCDC

Di new oga for di Naija Centre for Disease Control, Dr. Ifedayo Adetifa dey kneel for ground dey beg Naija people and local and state government to take every step to prevent Cholera for we kontri because e don too kill we kontri people. He say between January 2021 and today, cholera don kill pass 3,600 people for we kontri. This number pass di whole people wey Covid19 don kill since e show face for we kontri in February 2020 (2,977). He talk dis one inside Channels TV Sunrise Daily today wey our tori pesin monitor. Oga Adetifa also talk about plenty other things wey NCDC dey do outside fighting covid19 and thank Naija people for dia support. Below na summary of cholera findings inside NCDC report.

TalkHealth9ja dey join NCDC Oga dey beg kontri people to dey keep their surroundings clean, stop poo poo for outside and dey wash hands well before chop. Local governments need to do better for di management of dirty and sanitation, while state government suppose ensure better water dey for every citizen to drink and use for cooking. Na all these things go help stop cholera and e dey cheaper to achieve.


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