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Getting Health Care Too Hard for Over 28,000 People With Disabilities for Ebonyi State – Dr. Nwani


Victor Nwani na Optometrist and di oga Founder of Beyond Disabilities Foundation. Na him be guest for di ogbonge TalkHealth9ja Radio Show on Thursday 2nd December 2021 and he talk about “Access to Primary Health Care for Persons with Disabilities”. Dr. Nwani say getting health care na difficult thing for people wey get one disability or the other.

He also talk say people wey dey live with Disability na them be the single largest minority for Nigeria and Ebonyi State. “The people wey dey live with disability for Ebonyi state dey too much and we dey ignore them for every thing wey concern health and e no make sense”, Dr. Nwani yarn.
Dr Laz Eze wey be founder TalkHealth9ja still talk say Government and everybody wey dey put mouth for health mata suppose dey include people with disability for every health policy because they no get access at all at all to primary health care. Dr Nwani yarn say if we no provide all inclusive access to healthcare for everybody, we no go fit help people with disabilities. He still talk say we suppose build better primary health care centres wey go include their conditions, and make policies wey go dey favour them well well.

This na hospital Ward wey no get ramp for wheelchair or trolley, e no pure.

According by Dr. Nwani di number of people wey dey live with disability for Ebonyi State pass 28,000 and these people no get any good access to primary healthcare even say government and NGOs dey try but nothing much don happen. Callers wey call still talk say for hospitals, we suppose build places wey wheelchair suppose dey pass and people wey no dey see go dey waka pass say for plenty hospital for we state na so so tall stair case wey wheel chair no dey fit climb dem dey build, this means say the pipo wey dey build dis hospitals no get di the disable community for mind.

To watch di radio program for TalkHealth9ja Facebook live, just click here and also on this link.


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