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Patients Get Right To Ask Doctor any Question about dem Bodi – Barr. Egwuatu


Ebenezer Egwuatu Esq wey be lawyer and Executive Director, Lawyers Arise for the People Initiative be the guest for our ogbonge TalkHealth9ja radio show for Thursday 9th December 2021. He talk say Patients for Nigeria get rights oo but the Nigerian Health Sector and Health Workers no dey too recognize their rights. He also talk say patients fit still sue health workers if they trample on their rights.
Barr Ebenezer Egwuatu Esq talk say for medical ethics, say e no get any reason why health worker no go treat patient for emergency situation and Nigeria get law wey dey support am, for Section 20 of National Health Act 2014.

Dr Laz Eze wey be founder TalkHealth Real Media Ltd talk say any health worker wey no treat patient for emergency because say the patient no get money to pay deposit dey abuse the right of that patient.
When Barr Ebenezer dey talk, he talk say for Nigerian law, even patient wey carry gunshot wound suppose receive emergency treatment weda e get police report or not. He also talk say for hospitals, patients get right to ask doctor any question about wetin im dey suffer, and how dem take calculate im hospital bills. For the radio show, Barr Ebenezer and Dr Laz talk plenty things wey concern patients rights and how they suppose dey treat them for our hospitals.

You fit watch this video wey get detailed informate about rights of patients for obodo Naija.


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