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We don too Suffer, Gov. Umahi Help Us! – Neglected Agba (Amaeta) Ozizza People Cry Out.


Di people of Agba Ozizza village popularly known as Amaeta Ozizza in Afikpo North LGA of Ebonyi State dey cry out with loud voice give di Ebonyi State Governor, Engr. David Nweze Umahi to save them from more suffering and deaths. Dem wan access road and bridge over the river wey dem dey swim during rainy season before coming to the village. They wan intervention to stop one disease wey dey appear like leg ulcer and killing their people. Dem make dis call when TalkHealth9ja and the Ebonyi State MakeOurHospitalWork Campaign team waks go there on Thursday 18th November 2021. The waka na for di sensitization of their village health committee and community leaders on things dem go dey do to make their primary health care kajadly kajad. Na di oga of TalkHealth9ja himself, Dr. Laz Ude Eze lead them do di waka.

Idam Eze (right) – a MakeOurHospitalWork Campaign volunteer and Dr. Laz Eze as dem dey waka go Agba Ozizza

The waka be like say na Gulder Ultimate Search o because no good road to the place. Our team bin use car drive from Afikpo Timber Shed like say dem dey go Abakaliki, come branch right like say dem dey go quarry site. From there, they branch left to a road wey be like say na farms e dey lead to until one small river wey don dey dry. Di moto no fit continue, dem stop use leg waka pass di river by the side kom waka for bush path up to 15 minutes to reach the village. You fit click on the going videos here https://www.facebook.com/1440499092887708/posts/3026584987612436/ to watch as di waka be.

The drying river on the road to Agba (Amaeta) Ozizza Village

The meeting with Agba Ozizza leaders and health committee members regarding the veal say dem dey suffer like say tomorrow no dey especially on top health mata. According to them, na for 2008 dem get Primary Health Clinic when Participatory Development Alternatives (PDA) and Action Aid build one for them. But earlier this year, fire enter the building burn parts of ceilings and roof wey cover 2 rooms. Di health centre bin no work again till few weeks ago when di LGA post some health workers but they no get place to live inside di community. Di good tori be say di village understand from health laws wey TalkHealth9ja teach them that they get power to do anything wey go make di health centre work. They promise say dem go join bodi take actions.

Damaged portion of the primary health clinic
No functional bed dey inside di PHC

After di sensitization on the responsibilities of health committees and wrtin dem fit do for di health clinic, TalkHealth9ja donated some personal protective equipment, health policy documents and MakeOurHospitalWork t-shirt. In return, their women leader, Mrs Amadi grab one big stick with plenty fishes dash di visitors on behalf of the people of Agba Ozizza.

Dr. Laz showing use of PPEs
The fish gift!

We go follow up with tori of wetin di Agba people, Afikpo North LGA and Ebonyi State Government dey do to improve health and wellbeing of the people inside the community. See video of how we take march komot from Amaeta Ozizza with our fishes.

Patients Bill of Rights
The drying river on the road to Agba Ozizza village



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