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See How Naija dey Jinja to Prevent Cervical Cancer with HPV Vaccine.

Dr. Laz and Ms Oluchukwu Okeke

Girl Child Advocate, Ms Oluchukwu Okeke bin raise moni during her National Youth Service program and sponsored Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) vaccination for 11 girls, na 26k per person e cost am to do dis beta because she no wan make women dey die of cervical cancer. She wan do more if di moni dey ground. She and two of di beneficiaries follow us talk.

Mrs Chika Offor na di oga madam for Vaccine Network for Disease Control and a member of a Committee set up by ogbonge government on introduction of new vaccines. She talk about di work dem dey do.

Mr. Runcie Chidebe na di Founder of Project Pink Blue wey dey push for di prevention of cervical cancer, breast cancer and prostate cancer for obodo Naija. He na one of di Co-Chair for Civil Society Coalition against Cervical Cancer. He talk about dem waka and progress.

This na Solution Journalism (SoJo) tori wey TalkHealth9ja do to showcase progress on top cervical cancer prevention for obodo Naija. Na Nigeria Health Watch and Solutions Journalism Network (SJN) bin jinja us to do am. We show am for our #TalkingHealthwithDrLaz TV show on Africa Independent Television. You fit still watch am here, see YouTube link below.


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