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Community Participation for Primary Health Care Dey Very Importamkpa! – Ebonyi Health Commissioner


Ebonyi state Commissioner for Health wey be Dr Daniel Umezurike follow us talk health inside our TalkHealth9ja Radio Show on Unity 101.5 FM Abakaliki on Thursday 11th November 2021. He talk plenty things about primary health care for Ebonyi State. He talk say di state get. 576 primary healthcare centres, 14 General hospitals, 2 tertiary hospitals and 223 private health facilities wey still include faith based facilities. He beg Ebonyi people make dem take primary health care facilities as their own and join government to make am kajadly kajad.

He come list organizations wey dey help Ebonyi State Government on top health mata like UN organizations, USAID,WHO, Global supply chain procurement management system, AMURT Foundation wey focus on primary healthcare, MSF (Doctors without borders) and plenty others. He talk say Ebonyi dey plan ensure sustainable healthcare delivery dey reach everybody wey dey live inside Ebonyi State. For the state, he say we get 1 PHC for each ward and that 39 PHC get 3 tricycle wey be ambulance. He say we get 171 generators and 430 sets of basic medical equipment wey dey don distribute give PHCs for Ebonyi.
He talk say Ebonyi state government dey focus on primary healthcare because primary healthcare na the main thing as e take concern health wey even make government create the Primary Healthcare Development Agency. Dr Daniel confirm say Ebonyi state no too get health workers but say the government dey try do something about am before next year go finish because the ministry don do need assessment submit report give governor.

As people dey call dey put mouth for the mata, commissioner dey studio dey assure them say all the complains wey dem carry enter the program na something wey government go help them do as dem don talk am. He still dey beg Ebonyi people may them dey dey involved for wetin dey happen for primary healthcare centres wey dey their place.

Watch the full show inside Facebook here https://www.facebook.com/talkhealth9ja/videos/499930274323202/


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