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Vex and Tensions Dey as Naija Doctors wait for Emergency Delegates Meeting


Vex still full di bodi of medical doctors inside obodo Naija as ogbonge government never shake bodi well to end di strike wey start since 2nd August 2021. No be small tension dey, as di join bodi of doctors in Nigeria – NMA don bow to pressure and fix Emergency Delegates Meeting to hold on Saturday 2nd October 2021. No be for internet e go hold as dem be dey plan am, e go happen live in Abuja according di notice wey NMA Seke Dr Philips Uche Ekpe komot. Wetin dey cause di tension? Tori wey reach our domot say plenty doctors dey jinja to pursue Professor Innocent Ujah komot from chair as NMA Presido. According to the “Ujah Must Go” group, he don fall hand of doctors too much on top di NARD strike mata. Oga Ujah never gree answer questions we send to am 5 days ago on top di mata.

Resident Doctors dey vex say ogbonge government never settle even one of di issues wey cause dị strike. Plenty of dem dey blast NMA Presido, accuse am of protecting interest of government. Di “no work no pay” wey government begin do against doctors fit don pour fuel for di anger because oyinbo say vexation na di portion of pesin wey hunger dey catch.

We join ordinary Naija people dey beg these two elephants make dem stop di fight before grasses go die finish.


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