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“Prof. Ujah dey 100% for Naija Doctors” Resident Dr wey Blast NMA Presido tenders Apologia

Prof. Ujah - Presido of Naija Doctors

Today na Day 51 since Naija Resident Doctors begin strike and plenty disagreements still dey among medicos over di matter. Di doctor wey blast NMA Presido say im dey mad because of he wan make strike stop when government never settle any dem demand, don kneel for ground dey beg for forgiveness. Dr. Patrick Ogbonnaya talk for Facebook say he don grab say Prof. Innocent Ujah mni never work against di struggle at all at all. Say di Presido dey “100% for NARD and Naija Doctors”.

Dr. Ogbonnaya say after watching di Presido talk last night for Channels TV, he dey sorry for all di “insults and criticisms” wey he bin give NMA Presido before cos of di strike mata. See as he take write am.

However, plenty of im colleagues wey bin hail and support am before no gree with his apologia. Dem say di Presido na “politician” wey put saccharine for mouth dey talk, make he fit do “damage control”.

Wey dey beg ogbonge government and resident doctors make dem settle dis matter make work begin fully inside teaching hospitals for we kontri. Naija people don too suffer.


  1. […] No be small bashing Dr. Patrick Ogbonnaya dey collect from his colleagues inside Facebook since he hailed oga presido of NMA, Prof. Innocent Ujah mni as pesin wey dey “work 100%” for Naija Doctors. Before his latest post, Dr. Ogbonnaya bin dey receive flowers and tuale from his colleagues when he called Prof. Ujah a mad man for allegedly telling NARD to stop strike. But his colleagues dey vex for am seriously after he made U turn begin hail di NMA Presido and even tendered apologia. […]


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