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Do What We Want or Pack Your Kaya Komot as NMA Presido! Angry Dokee writes Prof. Ujah


Vexation dey increase among Naija Doctors as di strike by di Naija Association of Resident Doctors (NARD) wey start on 2nd August 2021 never end o. One Dr. Adedayo Ayodele Adebambo Aderibigbe wey be specialist doctor from Ilorin yan Naija doctors association (NMA) Presido, Prof. Innocent Ujah mni. to pack im load komot from chair if he no wan lead well. Na inside open letter he write wey dey spread like fire inside social media he give dis advice.

Dr. Aderibigbe lament say doctors don “lose ground” for payment of dem moni, say morale dey too low and too many don dey port komot from Naija “in the last one year”. He reminded Prof. Ujah inside di open letter say he swear oath to put welfare of doctors first, say he no fit serve God and mammon same time. He wan make di presido do wetin majority of Naija doctors want or komot from chair with immediate alacrity if he no fit.

Wetin be Prof. Ujah reply to dis letter? We don send am questions for whatsapp. Anytime wey he reply, we fo bring im side of di tori give you.

Down below na di full open letter with plenty big grammar.

Good morning to you Sir and accept my felicitations on your recent visit to the President of the FRN. I hope you are in good health Sir and we thank the Almighty for wisdom and strength to lead the Nigerian Medical Association at this time while combining it with the arduous responsibilities as Vice Chancellor of a fast developing University of Medical Sciences in Oturkpo.

With due respect as my President and a very senior colleague in the profession, permit me to remind you Sir that you swore an oath to uphold the Constitution of the NMA. Above all, you made a promise to lead your people and put their welfare first.

The pulse of Doctors generally in the last one year has been visible to the blind and audible to the deaf. We have lost grounds on the basis of renumeration, massive exodus of our collegues, demoralized medical doctors, oppressive circulars and actions from the Government amongst many others. More recently, the attempt by the FG to decimate the political wing of the NMA is being seen to be romanced by the NMA you currently lead by its actions and inactions.

The decision of NEC on the impasse between NARD and FG at the last meeting in Benin was crystal clear. A motion was properly moved and seconded. No counter motion was heard.

The responsibility of upholding NEC decisions lie squarely in your hands and that responsibility is a burden which you owe Nigerian doctors.

Sir, Your conflict of interest nothwitstanding, NMA is bigger than anyone. There was NMA before you and there will be NMA long after you have been gone.

I want to state that ego and leadership are two parallel lines that must never cross. Once they do, that leader has failed. This is the time for you Sir to Honour your word and commitment. I did not support you to be the NMA President even though my State chapter voted for you and by voting you earned our mandate collectively. You promised during the campaigns that you will be an inclusive leader. The DTOF debate recordings is still in the archives and very available.
It would be in your interest Sir to ask your ardent followers to play it back to you to reflect on promises you made.

We reject in entirety your plan to organize a virtual EDM when you held a physical NEC MEETING in Benin a few weeks ago. We demand that as valid and due paying members of the NMA and important stakeholders, you immediately withdraw the post dated NMA notice of the virtual EDM and convoke a physical EDM within the terms as agreed by NEC.

Sir with respect for your office and medical seniority, If your NOC is not advising you well, listen to the inner voice of your conscience which is the police that guides your actions.

If you have reasons why you do not want to lead the Association at this crucial time, may we humbly ask that you step aside Sir and allow a more vibrant and baggage-free Doctor lead the Association at this critical time in the history of Nigerian doctors.

What happened in 1985 is fresh in the minds of Nigerian doctors. Some people were too young to understand but the tales and stories are very much in the minds of every young Nigeria Doctor. We do not want a repeat of such.

We appeal that in the even that you do not listen to the wishes of majority, we demand that you vacate the office of the NMA President immediately and do not allow your personal interest override our collective interest as Doctors.

Sir, accept this letter as a good intention of a devoted disciple of the welfare of Nigerian doctors to his President.

Choices have consequences.

A concerned doctor writes from Ilorin.


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