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Wahala Dey! I Dey See Danger for Naija Doctors – Oga Ngige, Jobs Mata Minister.

Dr Chris Ngige - Minister for Jobs Mata

Oga Minister for Jobs Mata for obodo Naija, Dr. Chris Ngige talk say from di chair wey im dey siddon, he dey see danger everywhere for Naija doctors if dem no stop anyhow going of strike. He squeeze face talk dis one during di 2nd Summit of Naija Medical Elders Forum in Abuja wey bin hold on Thursday 12th August 2021. Oga Ngige say e no dey sweet im bele at all di way medical doctors dey go strike anyhow even with small provoke. He come advise im colleagues say make dem no dey act like say dem be God because of di power dem get to save lives. But make dem consider say people wey die during dem strike no go wake up after di strike but say other workers like lecturers wey strike fit still cover up dia curriculum. He urge dem make dem humble and dey gauge things wella because money no dey government like before before.

Dr. Ngige say government and himself as Jobs Mata Minister dey do im job wella to make sure way doctors get dem welfare. But say e shock am di way Nigerian Association of Resident Doctors (NARD) just wake up begin strike again, di 4th time since Year 2020. Say dem no try at all at all.

Di Medical Elders Forum na group of ogbonge medical doctors wey don hold big big positions or don reach 60 years and above. Plenty of dem bin attend di event but dem close door after opening ceremony to talk plenty other things. Na African Health Budget Network and PSI Nigeria join bodi sponsor dem meeting.


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