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Strike: Wait and See, Yawa Go Ghast for Una Head Next Week! Ogbonge Govt threaten Doctors


Kasala fit burst on top the head of Resident Doctors because of di we no go gree strike dem dey, if ogbonge government carry out dem threat. Oga Minister of Jobs matter, Dr. Chris Ngige talk say doctors wey dey on strike after 9th August 2021 go hear nwii as government no go follow anybody play again. Na inside Channels TV Politics Today show he talk dis one yesterday.

See di grammar im blow;

“Things will happen next week. Let them wait because they are taking government for a ride and it is wrong. They are playing with lives.”

“I will (invoke labour laws) and by next week I will escalate it because reconcilation has failed and the law says if conciliation has failed on my own side I can move it up – Industrial Arbitration Panel or National Industrial Court of Nigeria.”

“The ones (demands) that are Federal Government have been treated. If I did 95 per cent for you that is distinction.”

Dr Uyi – Oga Presido of Resident Doctors for Naija

“I have given them seven days (the day the strike started); it started on Monday (2nd August 2021). My seven days terminates on Monday (9th August). I will invoke other things that are allowed by law. The employer has a right to replace them in the period they were away.”

Responding to di threat, some resident doctors wey follow our tori pesin talk say nothing dey happen. Dem say no be today govt dey give this kind threat, withhold dem moni or even sack people join. But say dem no go kill themselves for Naija govt. One of them, Dr. Abdul Mohammed tell government make dem carey dem threat and power show boko haram and bandits, say no be doctors dem suppose dey flex muscle against.

Dis mata don serious o. We go dey bring you di tori.


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