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Abeg Pack Me Komot for Road – Hips of Dirty Beg Anambra Govt


Hips of nyama nyama dirty wey full Awka, capital of Anambra State go don dey beg government make dem pack am komot for road. Recently, our tori pesin drive round Awka and dirty dumps scatter everywhere you go. Bodi mata experts talk say na nyama nyama like that dey pollute environment and cause different diseases like cholera, typhoid fever, worm infestations,etc.

Residents of Awka wey follow us talk squeeze face give Gov. Willie Obiano, say im government no dey try on matter of managing dirty. Dem wan make Anambra show light on top waste management. They also call on new people wey wan become governor make dem get better plan for clearing of dirty inside Awka and dị whole of Anambra State.


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