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Gov. Umahi Tuale to You; Abeg Make Our General Hospital Kajadly Kajad! – Okposi MakeOurHospitalWork Campaign

Some members of di Okposi Make Our Hospital Work Campaign

Dị Okposi MakeOurHospitalWork Campaign wey be group of volunteers inside Okposi in Ohaozara LGA of Ebonyi State wey dey jinja to make their hospital and health centers to work wella don carry basket of hailings, tuale and well-done give Gov. David Umahi. Dis na because he set up committee to torchlight how General Hospitals be inside Ebonyi State. Dị group don dey jinja people for dem community to show interest and help to make the Okposi General Hospital and health centres for there to dey kajad and kpoikally kpoi kpoi. Dem also call on dị governor say make im use alacrity employ health workers and provide other things to make everybody to dey rush Okposi General Hospital for treatment.

Below na di message wey dem komot to tori people signed by dem leader, Raphael Ogbonnaya Okereke (Dentist). Warning, no be small grammar dey inside am o.


The MakeOurHospitalWork Team received the news of the setting up of a General Hospitals assessment committee by the governor with joy and optimism.
This shows that the governor listens to the yearnings of ndị Okposi Ezinasato and the rest of Ebonyi people who want the hospitals to work properly.

This is a wonderful time every citizen of the state has long awaited to see that the state government alleviates and possibly eradicates the ugly state of General Hospitals and Primary Health Care Centers in Ebonyi State. The current bad state of our hospitals has lead to many loss of lives of Ebonyians from treatable and curable diseased conditions and emergency cases.

He who forgets the language of gratitude is believed beyond the crowd of doubt not to be in good terms with the divine. It is on this ground that Ọkpọsị Make Our Hospital Work Team therefore sincerely commend Governor Umahi for all the wonderful infrastructural developments and hospital equipment delivered so far at General Hospital Okposi and on the other hand wish to bring to the notice of the Governor the basic need and challenges of General Hospital Okposi.

The Ọkpọsị General Hospital serving people from Ohaozara, Onicha and Afikpo North LGA and some parts of Enugu State. We carried out an assessment recently and found out that it has no Medical Doctor, and grossly lack many other health professionals. The basic health professionals urgently needed to make it function optimally encompasses:
Three full-time Family Physicians, Two general surgeons, Two dentists, Two mental health physicians, Two nutritionists, Two medical lab scientists, Two pharmacists, Five security men, Two accountants, Four cleaners, Two Radiologist/Radiographers, Twelve Nurses (including nurse assistants).

Essential Medical Services Not Available, and Needed include: Dental Care, Mental Health Care, Geriatric Care, Emergency Medical Care (no functional ambulance service or resident doctor to respond to emergencies), Blood bank, Radio-diagnostic Services e.g. X-ray, Ultrasound Scan, Chemical Pathology laboratory, Medical Microbiology diagnostic services, Nutritional Services, Two or more fully equipped ambulance buses for emergency response, Electronic Medical records, The Surgical Theater needs to be Completely overhauled with new equipment in place.

Laboratory equipment like: Ultra sound scan, Xray machine, Microscope, blood bank and Laboratory consumables in addition to Dental equipment and materials are also needed.

All the primary health facilities in Okposi have been perceived as mere structures and good for nothing by the users after the beautiful outlook.
They have no doctors, nurses or midwives, they lack many hospital equipment and instruments.”, No light (electricity/power )”, Careless management of the patients, Our People are Dying and many have lost their lives already over treatable diseases and conditions.
We are happy that the state government is taking a powerful step to resolve and restore the health facilities in the state with your great Committee. We hereby humble request and pray His Excellency to use the medium and come to our aid and change the situation as always done.

We hope, believe and trust that his word is enough and that at his presence and willingness the whole scenario will be stories of the past history.

Finally, we the Okposi MakeOurHospitalWork Campaign will continue to support government policies and mobilize our great people to play their part till all our hospitals begin to work.

Raphael Ogbonnaya Okereke
Team Lead
For the Ọkpọsị MakeOurHospitalWork Campaign



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