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“Na Communities Own Hospitals and Dem Fit Make Am Work” _ MakeOurHospitalWork Campaign


For our hospital to work and for we country to dey get quality health care, every member of a community suppose carry health care matter for head. Citizens suppose dey jinja themselves to take make sure the hospital for dia communities dey kajadly kajad. Na so di oga Chair for di Strategic Advisory Board of di Make Our Hospital Work Campaign, Dr Lola Mabogunje and di Leader of Ogugu Team for di campaign, Mr Caleb Akogwu talk inside #TalkingHealthwithDrLaz show on AIT. Di talk bin mark one year anniversary of di campaign.

This episode wey be the 40th episode of the show yarn how communities go fit make dem health centres and hospital dey kpoikally kpoi kpoi. Na di host of di Tv programme, Dr. Laz Eze with plenty other Nigerians been come together 15th June 2020 launch di campaign. Yesterday, dem recognize Ogugu Team for inside Kogi State as di Most Active Community Team meaning say na dem show jinja pass for di campaign.

Watch the video for more informate here.


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