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You Fit Go Blind If You No Do This…! Find Out Wetin Prof. Saad Ahmed Talk.

Prof. Saad Ahmed - Oga CMD for FMC Jabi

The Chief Medical Director of di Federal Medical Centre, Jabi Abuja,
Prof Saad Ahmed, don advise  we kontri pipo say make dem dey go hospital to do checkup of dem eyes regularly to take protect demselves from glaucoma and other diseases wey fit cause blindness. According by Daily Trust wey first write dis tori, him yarn dis one inside Abuja today during di programme wey di hospital organize to take mark World Glaucoma week and also educate country pipo. Glaucoma na disease wey dey cause blindness wey no human being or doctor fit cure again except by miracle.

See as him take talkam for grammar:
“Glaucoma is one of the major causes of blindness. It also causes irreversible blindness. There is a need to create awareness about it because there is room for people to go for screening.  So that those having issues with their eyes can get appropriate intervention before it leads to total blindness. People should go for eye checkups at least every year, glaucoma is not taken seriously because most times it comes without symptoms, meanwhile mounting pressure on the eyes and causing blindness eventually’’


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