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No Use N400 billion buy Covid19 Vaccine alone, Use am Make Health Sector Kajad – Bill Gates, Dr. Laz Eze yan Naija Govt.


Di oga for Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, Bill Gates and ogbonge sabinus on top public health mata, Dr. Laz Ude Eze dey beg di Government of Nigeria make dem put plenty moni to make health sector dey very strong and kajadly kajad. For different talk wey dem do, dem say e no too make sense to carry di small moni wey Naija get go buy only Covid19 vaccine. Instead, make dem use plenty of am to make primary health care dey work well well. While Gates talk im own as he follow tori people talk 2 days ago, oga Laz talk im own today inside di article he write on di matter with big big grammar.

In addition to making primary healthcare chim chim, Dr. Laz wey dey present #TalkingHealthwithDrLaz inside AIT every week, talk say e go good make Naija also use plenty moni to support pharmaceutical industries and torchlighters of science for we kontri make we sef dey produce our own vaccines and plenty other drugs inside Naija. He say dat di investment in local production go help make health sector beta and make we economy grow.


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