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Abeg, Make We Help Dr. Clement Raise Money to Change im Failed Kidneys!


Medical doctors na human beings too and dem dey fall sick too. Dr Clement Ifenkoronye wey be resident doctor inside Federal Medical Centre Umuahia dey fight hard for im life o. His two kidneys don fail and he wan do operation, change dem put new one. Kidney failure na serious sickness wey fit kill pesin sharp sharp if dem no put another one wey go help di pesin live again. This doctor need plenty moni wey reach like N10 million to do dis operation o. We follow am talk and he dey thank plenty Naija people wey don dey donate moni since he begin do public begging of money. He promise say im go increase im jinja to dey save more lives if kontri people help to save im life.

Our oga, Dr. Laz Eze talk say dis doctor na better pesin when dem be go school together for University of Ibadan. Plenty of im classmates dey talk same thing inside social media and dem don launch online contribution of moni. Abeg, we beg you make you click here and contribute to save dis young doctor.

We wan make Naija government for federal and states make sure say no Naija pesin go dey beg for public to treat themselves. na why health insurance suppose cover everybody for we kontri.


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