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Like Angels, Prof. Adetokunbo Lucas No Fit Die, He Only Waka into Immortality – Dr. Laz Eze

Dr Laz Eze and Late Prof. Adetokunbo Lucas at a public health event in 2011.

As plenty health experts dey yan good good things about di ogbonge Professor of Medicine, Adetokunbo Oluwole Lucas wey join im ancestors on Christmas day, our oga for TalkHealth9ja, Dr. Laz Eze say pesin like am no fit die. In a tribute wey im write for di website wey lovers of di prof dey write remembrance message, Dr. Eze say di prof “transited to immortality” meaning say he don join people like angels and spirits wey no fit die.

See as he take use plenty grammar write am,

“Prof. Adetokunbo Lucas cannot die, he only transited to immortality. When I discussed my interest to build my career in public health – a decision I made during my 4th year at Ibadan College of Medicine, I got minimal support from people I shared with. My mind was fully made up after reading the profile of Prof. Lucas and the book on tropical medicine he authored. I was highly motivated by his achievements and impact in global health and the medical profession in Nigeria. Meeting him in Abuja within 3 years of my graduation was a rare privilege. May God bless Nigeria with many more Adetokunbo Lucas. Best wishes to his family and loved ones.”


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