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Doctors’ Strike: Naija People Roast Govt Like Yam for Social Media


Plenty kontri people don dey paravex inside social media against di government because of di resumed strike by resident doctors. Dem bin dey respond to di public notice wey di Naija Association of Resident Doctors (NARD) komot to explain 6 reasons for their strike.

For inside twitter, pesin wey im name na “Sage o Six packs” tweet say doctors don dey fight for same thing since im dey medical school and say govt na expert for promise and fail. In short, he use grammar tweet say ogbonge govt na “very dishonest establishment“.

Another twitter user, Rasheed Yusuf bin wonder whether govt fit pay all di debt against doctors now with how economy don bad. But he ask for im tweet whether na doctors go dey suffer di situation even as politicians still dey enjoy? Mr Nonso Dimgba also talk im own for twitter say he dey chim for di back of resident doctors. He say e no pure at all make dem dey risk their lives and govt go dey play politics with their welfare. Another twitter user, Phil talk say govt dey “insincere and insensitive” and di doctors no get better choice since na only strike dey make we govt shake bodi.

Talk your own, how you see dis mata of strike by resident doctors? Wetin you wan make govt do?


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