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No More Polio Virus for Naija and Africa – WHO


Di good news wey Naija people don dey wait for since bin land yesterday. Di ogbonge join-bodi of government health people for obodo world (World Health Organisation) don carry certificate give obodo Africa say dem don free from polio virus. This na because of di confirmation of Naija as kontri wey no get polio again. Before before, na only Naija, Pakistan and Afghanistan get polio for obodo world. As Naija don komot for di polio club now, e mean say polio no dey 47 countries wey dey WHO African Region again.

As im dey react to dis beta tori, Presido Buhari say e sweet im belle, say he don fulfil di promise say he go pursue polio komot for di kontri. Different different bodi mata people for di kontri dey celebrate this achievement wey dem don dey work for tey tey. We join everybody to say, Congratulobia Naija! Congratulobia Africa!!


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