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Our No na No! Naija Women shout for We-No-Go-Gree Waka in Abuja, Enugu and Lagos against by-force Kolobi of dia Bodi


Hundreds of Naija people don defy di fear of Coro enter street do we-no-go-gree waka against di by-force kolobi, beating and even killing of girl pikins, older girls, young and old women for we kontri. Some NGOs and citizens of Naija do dis waka together and call on ogbonge govt and state govt make all of dem declare state of emergency on top di matter of violence against women and girls. Dem do waka go for police headquarters inside Abuja, Enugu and Lagos.

We dey ground for di Abuja waka and even show am live for we facebook page. Water bin run away di eyes of plenty girls and women wey follow do di waka in front of di office of Oga patapata of Police. Dorothy Njemanze wey specialise for di mata of preventing violence against women and helping of victims talk say no be offence to be woman. She talk say any woman wey never reach to vote never reach to have sex.

Abuja We-no-go-gree waka against by-force miniminiwanawana

Plenty other women and men wey dey there carry different cared wey dem write different messages. Everybody use vexing voice tell police make dem do dem job well as e concern mata of by-force entering of london and woman beating. Dem want make police sef declare #StateofEmergencySGBV!


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