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Na Our Turn To Sitdon For House, Make We Stop To Dey Risk Our Lives For 5k Hazard Allawee-Doctors.

Photo Credit: thisdaylive.com

The dust wey raise for the meeting between FG and Doctors association yesterday never still settle, doctors all around Naija don dey talk wetin them dey go through for work, and the stories no sweet belle at all.

TalkHealth9ja gather some of these tori for social media, na one way traffic this thing dey go and e no go favour our country people.

Dr. Aaron Nwafor, talk about how him and him colleagues wey be specialists for various field of Medicine dey risk their lives everyday as them dey attend to suspected cases of Covid19.

Him say World Health Assembly don tell them say, as them swear the Oath of work, make them make sure say government do normal-normal too, because the Oath wey them swear no be to go die.

Dr. Nwafor say, government dey give Naija doctors N5,000 for hazard allawee wey cover all the body-mata hazards wey doctors fit come across, including Coro, and e no pure at all.

Dr. Grace Akpoke sev come say, Minister of Health wey dey yan dust, dey wear N95 mask to address press conference, meanwhile body-mata workers wey dey fight the virus no get the mask to wear.

She say wetin Health Minister talk no go well at all, because him no provide the necessary things to ensure the safety of our body-mata workers, come dey threaten say him go sack them if them no come work.


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