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Covid19: Na Audio Palliatives Naija Govt Dey Share? – Kontri People

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Naija people fit change am for our government soon, because most people believe say them dey use akonuche use chop our country money during this Coro Pandemic.

TalkHealth9ja been follow some people yan for Garki Area1, Area3, and Nyanya about government palliatives during this Coro pandemic. People no believe say palliatives dey go round, some even say; them just dey arrange few people wey them go give small thing come video am put for television.

Make we leave matter for Matthias, 4 out of 5 people wey TalkHealth9ja follow talk, believe say na audio money and audio food be the palliatives wey government dey give, na why most people no sabi anybody, wey sabi anybody, wey don receive palliative.

No be lie say everybody need palliative because, as e be so, nobody stand well, so therefore guy-man need one or two change for pocket make e fit see front.

Some people no believe wetin dey go on anymore, since patients wey them discharge for our isolation centers dey say na anti-malaria drugs them dey give for isolation centers.

The videos wey been enter internet wey people for isolation centers dey dance, Coro patients been protest for Gombe say things no jel inside isolation centers, even for Kano, Coro isolation center been empty on Sallah day, maybe patients go do Sallah for house ahbi?

The Ministry of Humanitarian Affairs naim them beef pass because, according to people, the home feeding of school children na one of the biggest scam for 2020, ‘one of the biggest’ because, when u think say Naija don shock you finish, them go do another scam wey big pass the first one.

Upon all the protest and yans wey Naija people chuk Minister of Humanitarian Affairs, Hajiya Farouk Umar, she still say them go do the feeding. Guy-man things choke, wetin we go do so.

Some people don see where them dey share food for television, but them say wetin them dey give people in the name of palliatives no follow at all, wetin them dey give families to sitdon for house no even dey enough for grown man to chop for one week, people express their disappointments in Naija government.

All these yama-yama tori dey make people doubt Naija government more, and doubt the existence of Coro for we country, because people believe say them just dey use am pack our money.

Most of the people wey TalkHealth9ja follow yan say make government just share money for everybody once and for all, because na the surest way wey palliatives go carry touch plenty people.


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