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#MakeOurHospitalWork-Billions of Naira Investments With No Results, Sad Reality of Naija Bodi-mata Sector.


A group of well-meaning Nigerians don come together, because wetin dey occur for Naija body-mata sector no sweet them for belle.

Them start up campaign wey them call MakeOurHospitalWork campaign, and them Launch am today.

For the press release wey 354 of their members from 36 states inside Naija sign, them say the reason why the campaign gats happen be say, Naija government don put billions into the body-mata sector and nothing dey to show for all the money.

Them say the reason for this na; corruption, people no dey put eye for matter, follow up stuffs make the money fit reach where e suppose reach, and communities wey body-mata establishments dey no dey put eye for the matter too.

The campaign say, government don fashi body-mata sector, na why them no put enough money to make am standard, even the money wey government don put into the sector, corruption no make the impact show.


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