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Every Primary Health Care Centre Suppose Get 26 Staff to dey Function Kajadly – Ogbonge Govt

Dr Osagie Ehanire: Naija Bodi-mata Minister

For primary health care centres (PHC) to work well in a kajad manner, dem suppose employ a minimum of 26 workers (18 health workers and 8 support staff). Up to 10 volunteers wey dey live inside community suppose dey to dey follow do health waka for inside hard-to-reach communities. Every political ward suppose get one or more PHC dey work kajadly 247. Each PHC suppose serve a population of 10,000 to 30,000 people, and e suppose get quarters wey some of dem staff go dey live inside di health centre. All these informate dey inside Ward Health System (2nd edition) wey National Primary Health Care Development Agency (NPHCDA) prepare for 2018.

Dr. Faisal Shuaib – NPHCDA Oga

Inside dis policy book, e get list of plenty medicines and equipment wey suppose dey every primary health centre. E also talk say every health centre go get management committee and every village, community or ward suppose get committee wey go dey meet every month to look into health mata.

The book also talk how building of a primary health centre suppose dey look like plus how dem go dey manage wastes.

See as di staff for primary health centre (PHC) suppose be;

Medical Officer (if available) – 1
CHO – 1
Nurse/midwives – 4
CHEWs – 3
Pharmacy Technician – 1
Health Records Technician – 1
Medical Laboratory Technician – 1
JCHEWs – 6
Support staff
Account Clerk – 1
Driver – 1
Health Attendant/Assistant – 2
Security personnel – 2
Cleaners – 2
Community Health Influencers and Promoters Services (CHIPS) Agents – 10

If you wan download different law books wey NPHCDA don do, click here.


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