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#DoctorStrike: We Go Sack Any Doctor Wey No Come Work-FG

Dr Osagie Ehanire: Naija Bodi-mata Minister

Federal government of Naija don threaten to sack any body-mata worker wey no show work on Wednesday 17th June 2020, as against the strike action wey doctors-dem don start.

Government don tell all the Chief Medical Doctors CMDs’ for all their hospitals say make them keep register wey doctors go dey sign between 7am to 12 noon, from Wednesday 17th June, say any body wey no show work go chop him yansh.

The government threat come from Minister of Health Dr. Osagie Enahire, during the meeting wey doctors union do with relevant government authorities, wey after plenty hours of negotiations them no agree.

President of National Association of Resident Doctors NARD, Dr. Aliyu Socumba, say them don tell government their mind, say if them show sign say them wan reason their demands them go come back to work.

Socumba say, some people fit go back to work because of the threat wey Health minister make, but him no dey go back to work until government do normal.

Health Minister, Osagie Enahire come say, by the time when register close by 12 noon, anybody wey hin name no dey register them go assume say the doctor no dey work for government anymore.


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