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#DoctorStrike: Plenty Doctors Go Port Immediately Govt Lift Ban On International Flights – Dr. Nwafor

Photo Credit: thisdaylive.com

The kwanta between doctors association and FG still dey hot like pot wey dey ontop fire, how the matter go be never too sure.

The bad situation of Naija body-mata sector come show wella because of this Coro pandemic, na like say breeze blow, fowl yansh come open, now everybody dey see say na just God dey help both the patients and body-mata workers for we hospitals.

Dr. Aaron Nwafor say, even as them never sack doctors as the Health Minister yan sev, say countries wey value our doctors worth, appreciate their skill set dey beg them to come, say some of them just stay back because of their love for Naija.

Him say na the third time wey them go threaten them with sack within 6 years, say whether them mean am or not, one thing na for sure, immediately them lift ban ontop international travels, plenty doctors go jakpar commot for this country go countries wey them go get better working conditions and incentives.

Nwafor say, maybe by then, FG go bring Chinese, Cuban or Indian doctors come Naija, offer them the kind thing wey them dey offer their own doctors.


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