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By-force Miniminiwanawana: Vexation dey Everywhere for Naija!


Dis period no be beta time for we country. Pains and vexation full everywhere because of di tori of by-force-miniminiwanawana (rape) wey plenty girls and women dey suffer for we kontri. Many kontri people don use social media dey lament, complain, paravex and calling on police and government make dem do something to protect girls and women from kolomental animalistic men wey dey enter their london by force.

Last weekend, we hear tori of Vera Uwaila Omozuwa wey kpai from by-force miniminiwanawana inside church where she go read book for night. Inside dis week, anoda tori show face for Ibadan wey Barakat Bello wey dey only 17 years old bin kpai for inside her house after some animalistic men wey still dey run use force break her london. Tori of Kogi Commissioner for Water Resources, (Dis)Hon. Abdulmumuni Danga wey dem accuse of panel-beat and kolobi di london of one Elizabeth don surface again. Matter of Tina wey police shoot and kill for Lagos dey front too.

Plenty other stories of this kind evil acts don dey enter social media. In short, some girls don dey come out dey accuse some male celebrities say dem don use force kolobi dem before.

Other celebrities like Kate Henshaw, Falz the bad Guy, Rita Dominic, and plenty others don condemn dis badment. NGOs like Project Alert talk say nowhere safe for women again. Some NGOs don gather themselves ask government to declare state of emergency on by-force kolobying of women and girls. Dem dey use hashtag #StateofEmergencySBV. Dem wan make every state pass di Violence Against Persons Prohibition (VAPP) Act.

On how we kontri go pursue dis kind bad thing, Oga Dr Laz Eze say make parents dey teach dem boys not to rape instead of teaching girls how dem go wear clothes.

Oga Presido Buhari don yan police people make dem find people wey dey cause all dis badments and punish dem according by law.

Featured Image Credit: BBC


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