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States Need To Prepare At least 300 Beds For Isolation of Coro Patients-Health Minister.

Dr Osagie Ehanire: Naija Bodi-mata Minister

Today, Naija Honourable Minister of Health, Dr. Osagie Enahire been yan the Presidential Task Force on Covid19 wetin dey occur for Naija fight against Coro.

Enahire say, Federal Ministry of Health and Nigeria Center for disease Control NCDC, dey work everyday to see how them fit set up more labs for more states, so that them go fit upscale testing inside Nigeria.

Him come say, if them scale up testing wella, them go fit test more people daily, which means say number of cases per state fit increase, so therefore, state governments need to make sure say them prepare at least 300 beds for isolation.

Minister finish talk say, them go soon get reports of wetin dey occur inside Kogi and Cross River states, as their people don go the to help the government fight against Coro.


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